Government ban on single-use plastics packaging commencing in 2021


Did you know that the Irish Government recently released ambitious plans to ban some single-use plastics to tackle waste over the next five years? The plan includes aims to halve food waste by 2030, introduce a deposit and return scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans, place a levy on disposable cups and ban certain single-use plastics from July 2021. These directives form part of the larger picture that will see all food and drinks packaging eventually moving in a more sustainable direction.

Label Tech have a range of Sustainable options for all the labels we produce for our customers. Options range from Recyclable, to Recycled Content to fully Compostable self-adhesive labels.

Now is the time to examine the various solutions available and decide what’s right for your brand. As you move your single use plastic bottle or carton onto a more sustainable container for your products, this is the time to make sure your label is made from sustainable materials too. Our experts are on hand to talk you through your options and help you to select the best solution for your brand. Give us a call on 01-8421700 today or email

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