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Mark Andy Evolution Flexo Press

Chosen for its extensive production capability, there are now two Mark Andy Evolution Presses installed at Label Tech. The Evolution Series is known for its speed and flexibility and will enable our customers secure faster turnaround times and unrivalled quality on every order.

Features include:

  • Speeds up to 750 fpm (230 mpm) and demonstrated printing technology make the Evolution Series a powerhouse to the industry.
  • Ability to offer high-quality film labels through chilled impression rolls and static bar additions.
  • Fast changeovers for print and die stations reduce downtime and increase daily capacity limits.
  • Precise independent inking and impression, robust die cutting options and production responsive tension control, mean high-quality labels and film are guaranteed.

HP Indigo 6K Digital Press

Engineered for higher productivity and faster colour, the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press is the new model of the high-versatility HP Indigo 6000 series. The press introduces Spot Master, HP Indigo’s next-generation colour automation technology, delivering the industry’s fastest time to brand colours with superior colour quality and uniformity. It can deliver more applications using higher opacity white, new inks including silver, fluorescents, invisible red and green for brand protection applications, and new varnishes from industry partners that offer enhanced mechanical durability.

Some of the new features include:

  • Delivering high resolution, high-quality printing with HP Indigo’s Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology.
  • Achieve perfect colour registration with HP Indigo One Shot Colour technology.
  • Count on colour consistency and repeatability using Spot Master and other automated colour calibrations and on-the-fly monitoring tools.
  • Faster time-to-colour with the most advanced colour matching tool in the industry – HP Indigo Spot Master

The HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press

Driving unmatched quality, productivity and versatility. Changes in consumer behaviour and market trends are prompting brands to adapt and evolve, constantly looking for ways to SAVE money, SPEED time to market and ENGAGE better with consumers. For Label Tech, this translates into a dramatic shift from traditional long runs to short runs and “new” long runs, consisting of multiple SKUs, brand protection features and variable data characteristics. The new HP Indigo 6900 allows us to seize this amazing opportunity to add value to our loyal customers by enabling them to print anything, in the most productive manner, and at the highest quality. The HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press is manufactured carbon neutral and with greatly reduced production waste, it is an energy efficient machine.

The 6900 offers the following extended benefits to our customers:

 High-value colours. Add value to any application with our extended colour ranges, including ElectroInk Silver, Fluorescent Pink, and invisible inks.

 Widest white portfolio – choose from a wide range of opacities, including the ElectroInk Premium White, a versatile, opaque white.

 Enhanced resistance. Address high-performance applications with Pack Ready for Labels, designed to improve the labels’ resistance against water, chemical and mechanical exposure.

 Save time and money on highly decorated label jobs, by allowing the addition of variable digital foil, tactile, varnish and special effects in a single pass.

 Unlimited designs. HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology enables a one-of-a-kind, memorable customer experience and adds value to products. It automatically generates millions of unique designs from a fixed number of seed patterns and colour shuffling capabilities.

AB Graphics Vision Inspection System

Label Tech have now completed the installation of our AB Graphics vision inspection system, with a 4k camera to detect even the most minor of print errors, allowing instant correction and ultimately ensuring the highest possible quality standard. Label Tech are the only independent label printers in Ireland with this level of inspection kit.

  • 4K full colour camera with 100% inspection, ensuring precision accuracy.
  •  Fast running speeds of 350 meters a minute with full camera inspection.
  • Servo driven with remote access should any issues arise, minimising downtime.
  •  Automatic blade setting – accurate to .25 of a millimetre.
  • Auto tension control for unwind, rewind and the creation of top-quality finished rolls.

State of the art Automation Engine

Take a look at our short video to find out what the benefits are for our customers.

Digicon Lite 3

The Digicon Lite 3 is a compact digital finishing system built to the same, exacting standards as the larger market leading Digicon Series 3, that Label Tech acquired and have been running at full capacity for the past year. The Digicon Lite 3 can be specified with a wide range of options to meet the needs of the most discerning of customers with many unique and diverse requirements. Perfect for premium labels, you’ll be impressed by the quality the Digicon produces. By using our intelligently designed modules, embellishments can now be achieved at competitive production speeds, without compromising quality. The speed of our orders can now be guaranteed along with outstanding accuracy to deliver the complex specifications our many customers require.

  • Cold foiling – produces a professional, foil finish.
  • Super varnish – produces a premium, high gloss finish.
  • Autoslit and Iscore with label gap sensor – both save significant amounts of time.
  • Sheeter – enables you to finish sheets as well as web.

Series 3 Digicon Converting Machine

As our digital printing technology advances, so must our digital converting equipment. We are delighted to announce the addition of a Digicon Series 3 digital converting machine to our stable of ABG machines, the Digicon 3 is housed in a purpose-built room within the Label Tech factory. Adding value to your labels and packaging is key in this digital age and we have a number of features we can now offer you as embellishments. 

  • 2 Flexo stations that provide for a variety of colours or varnishes.
  • 2 Hot Foil and Embossing modules, allowing multiple foil feeding and raised embossing.
  • Cold Foil and Lamination features.
  • A Flat Bed Screen module that is ideal for adding value with relief varnish, vibrant screen inks and Braille.

With many combinations available, suitable for processing an impressive range of substrates, and completely modular for future modifications, the Digicon Series 3 digital converting machine can offer so much flexibility, offering you the ability to create that point of difference for your labels and ensure your product stands out on shelf. This new equipment will expand our service offering to all our customers by not only increasing our capacity on our digital format but will also give us the platform to serve the needs of the Beverage sector, a growth area for Label Tech. In addition, the introduction of Braille also facilitates a further expansion into the Pharmaceuticals sector.

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