Wicklow Wolf become one of the first Irish companies to sign up to Avery Dennison’s AD Circular label liner recycling programme.

Wicklow Wolf Brewery


Wicklow Wolf has long since been an early adopter when it comes to sustainability. From growing their own hops to installing state of the art systems at their brewery, they do their utmost to reduce the footprint they leave behind. It comes as no surprise that they are one of the first companies in Ireland to sign up to Avery Dennison’s AD Circular label liner recycling initiative.

“We’re all for this kind of environmental programme, it pushes us another step closer to achieving carbon neutral status, something we have been working towards since day one”, commented John Allen, Wicklow Wolf.

Once signed up, companies can simply use an online portal to schedule a pickup of used label liners by Avery Dennison to one of its recycling partners. The web portal also provides useful data in the form of regularly updated analytics and certificates on the amount of recycled liner material, the amount of CO2 emissions they’ve avoided as a result, and more. Recycling 1 kilogram of liner avoids 2.28 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions so over time the amount of CO2 avoided can add up to quite a significant volume.

The AD Circular programme aims to recycle 75% of the label waste Avery Dennison brings to the European market by 2025. Material made from recycled liners will be used in new packaging materials and other qualitative products. Avery Dennison’s vision is to eventually facilitate liner-to-liner recycling, eliminating one time use of raw materials.

Ad Circular is now available to businesses in Ireland who meet certain volume requirements.

If you would like to find out more about the AD Circular programme please get in touch  with your sales contact at Label Tech.

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