Whiplash Brewery was started in 2016 by Alan Wolfe and Alex Lawes as a side project. Both worked in brewing already and rented tanks at the weekend to produce single batch small releases from friend’s breweries around Ireland. Professional beer dudes who were gypsying for fun!

Business escalated and grew to a point where the guys had to commit full-time to Whiplash between 2017 and 2018 and by 2019, they had opened their Dublin based brewery. They are now at the top end of the craft beer market and would be considered one of the top premium craft beer brands in Ireland. A real success story both in Ireland and abroad, they currently export to Scandinavia, UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. All the beer produced is pre-sold before it is brewed, and plans are afoot to penetrate the Chinese market and to increase production to a max 1 million litre annual capacity. Whiplash has always had a strong brand strategy that the team have stuck tightly to from the beginning. They have turned down offers to produce for the multiples as they do not want to dilute the brand in any way.

Celebrated artist Sophie De Vere has been commissioned to design all the can labels, which are unique and real works of art in themselves. Label Tech then take these special artwork pieces and translate them onto printed labels. Sophie recently displayed her Whiplash artwork at the Tate Beer & Art event last year.

Whiplash Brewery have a long-standing relationship with Label Tech and state that the reasons they have stayed so long with the company are the personal relationships, the label quality, and the fact that Label Tech turns the labels around in super quick time for them. They feel that Label Tech always looks after them and they like to stay with suppliers who they have a history with.

You can check out the full Whiplash range here….


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