The Rise of Eco-Friendly Packaging in the Health & Beauty Market.


A growing number of brands are bucking the cosmetics industry’s over-reliance on plastic. Thanks in part to pressure and demand from consumers, brands are turning their efforts to creating packaging that’s sustainable, refillable or at least plastic-free. Estimates of the global market’s production of annual plastic packaging in units ranges between 76.8 billion to over 120 billion. Most are not recyclable or compostable; nearly 70% of all plastic packaging goes to a landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But in recent years, brands like L’Oréal ushered in efforts to curb the use of plastic. In an analysis, it found that up to 50% of the environmental footprint of a product is linked to its packaging.

For years, the brand had been moving toward more sustainable packaging with specific initiatives, but last year, it announced its commitment to make all of its plastic packaging rechargeable, refillable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. It’s significant that brands like L’Oréal are making such commitments.

The market will in time change due to consumer demand and the example set by larger companies such as this as they lead the charge to a more sustainable future. From a packaging point of view, there are many options now available to brands to become more environmentally conscious. Label Tech now offer a full range of eco-friendly labelling options for their customers. We have papers that are recycled, recyclable, carbon positive, biodegradable and compostable. Talk to Brian Grehan on 01-8421700 or email him on to chat through your options.

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