The importance of colour in label printing


A dash of colour can breathe life into even the most mundane of products. The right colour combined with a clever label design can change your product from something plain and ordinary into the extraordinary. That’s why choosing the colour of your brand/logo needs so much thought and consideration.

How you want to be perceived as well as what audience you are targeting can influence which colours you use. Different colours are associated with different feelings. For example, green conveys organic growth, the earth, nature, or feelings of caring. Meanwhile, black communicates feelings of sophistication, authority or seduction. Not convinced? Consider the green logo for Starbucks or BP and the black logos of Chanel or Sony.

Another good example of where colour is very important is in food packaging. Food is directly correlated with emotion, which is why colour plays such an important role in its packaging design. Pair your food product with the right colours to conjure up feelings, emotion and memories associated with what you’re selling and you have a better chance at boosting your sales.

It’s not a secret that most purchases are made based on visual perception, and colour helps to increase and reinforce brand recognition. So, the question you may be asking is which particular colours should you use for your label? Read on for a colour matrix that we have borrowed from Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast to demonstrate the meanings of different colours along with some examples of well-known brands that use them:

The importance of colour in label printing

Colour isn’t the only design element that communicates with your customer about your brand. Font, spacing between letters and shape also tell your brand story in that instant when a first impression is created.

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