Sustainable Packaging Materials tracked throughout product lifecycle using Blockchain Technology


To convey its ethics-driven business strategy to consumers, FMCG brand Nestlé last year introduced on-pack QR codes on one of its Swedish coffee brands. When scanned, these reveal supply-chain data about the coffee via blockchain technology.

The QR code allows consumers to trace the coffee back to its origin, and access data pertaining to the coffee farmers, the time of harvest, roasting period and shipping certifications. This packaging innovation appeals to an ethical cohort of sustainably minded coffee drinkers and ensures that there is complete visibility at every stage of the value chain.

Similarly, Dell Technologies is tracking and tracing their recycled packaging material using blockchain. Over the past decade the company started incorporating plastics recovered from e-waste recyclers and recycled materials into new parts. The idea is to create a circular economy, to prevent plastic from entering the oceans.

The end-user of a Dell laptop can view the provenance of the recycled material, right to what kind of plastic it was and from where it was recovered and guarantees the authenticity of the products to consumers.

Other brands that are using blockchain globally include Walmart and Carrefour and in Ireland, one of Label Techs’ customers Downstream Beer.

Soon, more and more brands that commit to a packaging sustainability pledge are going to be challenged to produce proof that their commitment is traceable and making a real difference to the environment and their end users.

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