Premium packaging and the benefits of digital textured labelling


Forget humdrum product packaging. For labels that turn heads, engage customers and say more about a brand’s personality, top label printers, brand managers and packaging professionals can use digital textured labelling to their advantage. Should you do the same?

Product labels have to work hard. Extremely hard.
From champagne to shampoo, product packaging is inextricably linked to sales. Once your product hits the shelf, it’s your packaging that shoulders the responsibility of making sure your product stands out, engages customers and communicates the essence of your brand. It has to be distinctive. It has to be attractive. It has to reflect what’s inside. For labels that sparkle as well as startle, premium manufacturers are turning to digital textured labelling – a unique printing technique that brings depth and personality to labels for a difference that customers can see and feel. Full-colour images can be brought to life on standard label materials.

What’s so great about digital textured labelling?
Textured labelling allows you to experiment with a range of finishing techniques – embossing, raising different parts of your label, using different materials and more – for labels that have a multi-sensory appeal. After all, unique, differentiated products deserve a label that reflects this.
1. It stands out
Textured labelling allows you to create eye-catching product packaging that engages customers and draws them towards your product. The high gloss textured effect literally catches the light as your customer walks by, drawing their attention.
2. It fosters a feeling of exclusivity
Customers want to buy a quality product, to feel a sense of prestige with their purchase. Just as a picture paints a thousand words, customers will often make assumptions about the quality of a product based on the quality of its packaging. Experimenting with textured labelling is a great way of providing assurances of the superior quality to your product.
3. It enforces brand identity
In today’s consumer world, brand perception is everything. Digital textured labelling gives designers and marketers an expanded toolkit for communicating the personality of your brand. It’s no longer just about what your products look like, but increasingly what they feel like too.
4. It builds brand reputation
Poor label design, poor product, poor brand. Today’s consumers are quick to make assumptions. Yet they also notice the small things, such as the care a brand has put into its packaging and artwork. A little attention to detail can go a long way when it comes to boosting brand exposure and engagement –particularly at a time when retail price competition is such an issue.
Which stakeholders can benefit?
Textured labelling is a particularly potent tool for FMCG manufacturers, where it’s vital that products stand out on the shop shelves. Yet from electronics to optometry, textured labelling is suitable for a huge range of products.
Quality wines and spirits
It takes more than the grip of the grape or the grain to make the average consumer plump for their favourite tipple. In many instances, it’s the label design that will first pique a customer’s interest. Digital textured labelling allows you to get creative with the ‘feel’ of your label, at a potentially lower cost than the textured paper that has become the mainstay of many drinks manufacturers. You can also apply variable textured effects across the same label.
Beer labels that reflect your craft
Small batch, independently produced craft beer has exploded in popularity. Wouldn’t it be good to have a label that reflected the artistry that goes into your product? Digital textured labelling makes it easy to create striking designs that reflect the earthy, artisanal nature of your brewing. And because it’s a digital process, small print runs won’t break the bank!
Bring extra sparkle to cosmetics products
Cosmetics consumers buy your product because they want to look great and feel gorgeous. There’s no reason your label can’t do the same. Whether you want natural material effects that reflect Mother Nature’s influence on your ingredients, or a high-gloss differential finish that sparkles on the shelf, it’s never been easier to use label packaging to reinforce the qualities of your product.
How can Label Tech help?
With our new Series 3 Digicon digital converting machine, we can achieve a perfect finish for you for all your labelling needs, contact one of our account managers for further information on 01-842 1700 today.

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