Labels do make a difference. The research says so!


There has been a recent explosion of craft beers within the drinks industry, something welcomed with open arms by craft beer lovers. But, with so many now available on the market, choosing a beer from crowded shelves can pose a challenge in itself. In fact, annual craft sales in the US have grown more than 65% in the past five years, making it difficult for brands to get noticed – and get picked up – by thirsty consumers. So what can a craft beer brand do to stand out from the crowd?

Well, according to recent research published by Nielsen, 66% of craft beer buyers in the US say that a beer’s package/label is “very” or “extremely” important for getting them to notice it and a further 60% say that packaging/labels are important in convincing them to give it a try and buy it. It’s safe to say that brewers need to stay on top of their game and rely on more than just how good their product tastes.

That’s where clever and innovative labelling can help. Advances in technology and more specifically digital printing capabilities allow producers to get creative and play around with more interesting designs and finishes. Label Tech has really been at the forefront of this printing revolution and continually works with clients of all sizes to create labels that might give them that edge among crowded shop shelves. With 71% of craft beer buyers saying they like to try brands with bold and interesting packaging, it’s encouraging to see that tangible and creative products can still make an impact on our choices. If you need advice on labelling your own products, get in touch and let us help you out! Label Tech Ph: +353 (0)1 842 1700 or email:

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