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Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter. 2018 is now becoming a distant memory and what an exciting year it was, another Irish Print Award for Sixling Gin, the installation of the latest state of the art finishing equipment with a new Digi-Lite and also the implementation of Automation Engine (AE) which you can read more about below. Our commitment to invest in the latest technology will continue in 2019 with more exciting news to come in the next edition!

We are very proud to have launched our new corporate video which we hope will give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Label Tech. Many thanks for all those involved, staff, customers and indeed the production team. To help combat any potential challenges that may arise through Brexit, we would like to assure you that we have been working very closely with our suppliers and customers alike to ensure that we are in a position to maintain our current supply status and meet all demands as required.

Label Tech’s new Corporate Video is ready to take a look at, click on the image above to view. We think it provides a great overview of everything we do and the things we’ve achieved that we’re really quite proud of. Featured are 3 of our customers, The Porterhouse, Helen G’s Gourmet Jams & Jellies and Blackwater Distillery so you can hear what they have to say about their own businesses and how they find working with Label Tech. We hope you enjoy!

Automation Engine

Label Tech have just launched their brand new state of the art Automation Engine , a tool that automates pre-press tasks and therefore speeds up the entire process, reducing error rates and delivering our customers significant cost savings as a result. Specifically AE delivers:

Increased speed in proofing
Faster approval to press time
Enhanced security and file protection
Single layered file with multiple colours, foils..etc separated through AE
Multiple workflows can be driven at the same time
Capable of ripping to multiple Digital presses
Colour management handled in workflows
Reduction in operator errors

As a form of Artificial Intelligence, AE has become integrated throughout the Label Tech business and is fully scalable to include further enhancements as they become available. We are excited to see what the future brings and will continue to invest to ensure we always deliver ongoing benefits to our valued customers.

Label Tech Printing

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