Extended-text labels have established a strong foothold in pharmaceutical applications because they provide ample space for the sometimes lengthy regulatory information that is common in the pharma space. But other product categories have also found this labelling format useful, among them the household insecticide market. Hot Shot brand ant and roach killer in an aerosol spray can from US based Spectrum Brands, a division of United Industries Corp., is one example.

Hot Shot went from litho-printed cans to full-body labels a few years ago, now they’ve taken it a step further in developing this extended-text label. It’s like a booklet that lets them add a coupon or additional product information. In this particular application, consumers can “Peel Here” in two different places near the top of the can to remove two coupons and redeem them at point of purchase.

A third peel section reveals an extended text portion of the label near the bottom of the can reveals helpful usage information and diagrams. Spectrum Brands believe the extended-text label has been a terrific tool for the cross marketing of all of their products, by adding coupons as an incentive for purchasing encourages consumers to try out a variety of products while also growing brand awareness. These peel and reveal labels can be used successfully across a number of categories including the food and beverage sectors who frequently use them to build loyalty by delivering a value-add to the consumer in the form of coupons, recipes and interesting nutritional information.

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